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Infinite Colors, Infinite Spaces

Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Education, Industrial, Store Front, and everything in between.


Interior Painting


  • Transform your space with a fresh coat of color, bringing life to your walls.
  • From subtle neutrals to vibrant hues, we’ll help you find the perfect shade for your walls.
  • Let your walls reflect your style and personality with our expert painting services.


  • Elevate your space with intricate decorative painting techniques.
  • Add depth and dimension to your walls with decorative finishes tailored to your taste.
  • Turn your walls into works of art with our specialized decorative painting services.

Doors & Baseboards

  • Enhance the beauty of your doors and baseboards with flawless painting and attention to detail.
  • Revitalize your home’s interior with professionally painted doors and baseboards.
  • Experience the difference our precision painting makes on your doors and baseboards.

Staining & Refinishing

  • Renew the natural beauty of your wood surfaces with expert staining and refinishing.
  • Preserve and protect your wood furniture and fixtures with our top-quality staining services.
  • Revive old wood surfaces to their former glory with our meticulous refinishing techniques.


  • Give your kitchen or bathroom a stunning makeover with freshly painted cabinets.
  • Update and modernize your space by painting your cabinets in trendy colors.
  • Maximize the appeal and functionality of your cabinets with our professional painting services.


Exterior Painting


  • Protect and beautify your home’s exterior with our premium wall painting services.
  • Weatherproof your walls with durable exterior paints, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy.
  • From classic elegance to modern flair, we’ll transform your exterior walls with precision and care.


  • Enjoy outdoor living to the fullest with a professionally painted and sealed deck.
  • Extend the life of your deck while enhancing its appearance with our expert painting solutions.
  • Create an inviting outdoor retreat with a freshly painted deck that’s both beautiful and durable.


  • Enhance your property’s curb appeal and security with freshly painted fences.
  • Preserve and protect your fences from the elements with our high-quality painting services.
  • Transform your outdoor space with a beautifully painted fence that complements your landscape.


  • Shield your home from moisture damage with our effective waterproofing solutions.
  • Ensure the longevity of your exterior surfaces with professional waterproofing treatments.
  • Invest in the protection of your property with our expert waterproofing services.

pressure Washing

  • Restore the beauty of your exterior surfaces with our thorough pressure washing services.
  • Eliminate dirt, grime, and mildew to reveal the true potential of your outdoor spaces.
  • Keep your home looking its best with regular pressure washing maintenance from our team.

At Blake Jenkins Painting, we specialize in conquering the most daring painting endeavors, reaching heights of 50-60 feet with cranes and bucket lifts. Our seasoned team fearlessly takes on these elevated challenges, combining expertise with cutting-edge equipment to deliver impeccable results. With a proud history of client satisfaction, we elevate your vision to new heights, one brushstroke at a time.

Client Since 1995

At Blake Jenkins Painting, our deep-rooted commitment to both our craft and community sets us apart. With years of hands-on experience in the trade, we understand the unique needs of our local area like no other. From navigating local regulations to fostering strong relationships, our expertise and dedication ensure that we're always equipped to exceed the expectations of our neighbors and clients alike.

Client Since 1995

At Blake Jenkins Painting, we're not just painters; we're craftsmen dedicated to transforming your space inside and out. Whether it's refreshing the interior walls with vibrant colors, revitalizing the exterior facade with meticulous attention to detail, or restoring the timeless beauty of log homes, our expertise knows no bounds. With a passion for perfection and a legacy of restoring and enhancing homes, trust us to breathe new life into every corner of your cherished spaces.

Client Since 1995

Discover the difference with Blake Jenkins Painting, where quality meets efficiency. From precise color consultations to swift project execution, we deliver unparalleled results on time and on budget. Let us elevate your home or business with our trusted painting services, leaving a lasting impression that exceeds expectations.

Client Since 1995

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